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Professional Video Capture Card 4K 60Hz

Professional Video Capture Card 4K 60Hz

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Brand Name: Hagibis

Application: TV

Application: MOBILE PHONE

Application: PS4/3

Application: xbox

Application: SWITCH

Application: Dslr

Application: PC

Application: Camera

Application: Display

Application: Other

Output: HDMI

Input: HDMI

Type: Video Capture Card

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Origin: Mainland China

Features 1: 4K@60Hz Capture

Features 2: HDR VRR RGB Pass-Through

Features 3: With 100W PD Port

Features 4: Ultra-Low Latency

NoteThere are 2 versions in the colour selection, the cheaper THB04 can only capture resolutions up to 1080P60Hz, while the THB05 can reach 4K60H, please confirm your choice when purchasing.

4K@60Hz Capture & 1080P@240FPS Pass-through: Hagibis HDMI-Compatible 2.1 Video Capture Card THB05 is up to 4K@60Hz High Definition Input, output max resolution 4K@60Hz backward compatibility 2K@144Hz/120Hz, 1080P@240Hz/144Hz/120Hz. Offer 4K 60fps High Quality Recording and live steaming .The audio video capture card is very suitable for living games, Recording, editing and transferring games in high resolution of 4K@60fps or 2K@60fps or 1080P@120fps on OBS, AMCap, Xsplit, VCL and More

RGB & HDR & VRR Support: The built-in special chip enables seamless communication between the display device and the signal source, VRR variable refresh rate matching the frame rate and eliminating stuttering and tearing for an immersive gaming experience. RGB format pushes high-definition images from the live broadcast room to the live broadcast platform, truly restoring the color of the live broadcast room's images. HDR high dynamic display technology can improve dark and highlight details, restore delicate game graphics, and solve new visual experiences

Dual Host Head Design: The latest version of USB A/USB C dual Host head design meets the connection needs of different devices, no longer worry about the problem of interface mismatch, and is compatible with most current laptops, tablets, mobile phones, game consloes and other devices

Plug & Play: As a no driver required portable 4K HDMI-Compatible video capture card, it can be used without drivers and external power supply. so you can use the built-in functions of the current software to get a seamless experience. And the capture card is small size & easy to carry, no problem for outdoor and indoor live broadcasting

Widely Use: This Video capture card can capture video and audio simultaneously and transmit audio and video signals to computers or smartphones for preview and storage. Thus This 4K HDMI-Compatible 2.1 capture card is suitable for high definition acquisition, live broadcasts, conference rooms, video recording, teaching recording, medical imaging, game entertainment live broadcasting, etc

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